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Ch.1: Welcome to the Future

Date: March 14, 2020

Pitter pater pitter patter pitter patter went the rain as it the hard, concrete floor of the sidewalk. On and on the storm raged throughout Black River City; covering the Saturday skies with grey stormclouds.

Stomp, stomp, stomp, went the silver Converse boots of a teenage girl running as fast as she could away from the madmen chasing her. Dark crimson blood escaped her torn flesh and ran down her arm. She should've listened. They said they would use force if necessary.

"Hault! You are under arrest! Stop at once," went the police, their guns aimed at her as they sped after the girl on their glowing hoverboards. The men were running out of bullets quick, but it was useless anyhow; that girl dodged every attack.

Ignoring the sharp, intense pain in her tricep, she turned her head around and flashed a wicked smile. "You think you can catch me? Ha!" she yelled back; her creamy white bangs in her face. "I'm faster than you numskulls could ever know!"

Once of the men gave a nasty snarl and aimed at the girl again; pulling the trigger once more.

She dodged the bullet; sprinted up the building across from her, pushed off into the air, did a somersault, and landed safe and sound in the middle of the road as the policemen crashed into the structure. The girl gave a hearty laugh and turned her direction into another alley; passing by a small hovering billboard that had her exact profile digitized on it.

    1,000,000 BOUNTY.
    DEAD or ALIVE.

Jet Ink placed her spine up against the grimy cinder-block walls of the tailor behind her and slowly slid down to rest. She rolled up her leather sleeve to check her throbbing wound. "Dammit! Those idiots tore my favorite jacket," she groaned.

"I think you should worry less about your jacket and worry more about your life at stake," said the slithering snake that slipped out of her pocket; his tail motioning toward Jet's bleeding arm. "Just look at that cut!"

"Ha. Poison." Jet lowered her head to suck the black liquid out of her insides. "They're trying to kill me now, eh, Midnight? It'll never happen."

The talking snake wasn't amused. "Better let me do that," Midnight suggested as he slithered over to her left arm to suck the dangerous venom out of her system.
"You know," he started, while sinking his mouth into the wound, "you're not exactly invincible, Jet. You're just a kid. Sure, you may be a little..." the animal trailed off his sentence and continued sucking.

"A little what?" the girl asked. "Quick? Powerful? Smart? Incredible?"

"Different was the word I was looking for." said Midnight, pausing. "And proud, I might add."

Jet rolled her eyes. She suddenly felt something biting into her skin... "Hey, cut it out, Midnight! You're like a bloody vampire for Pete's sake!"

"I can't help what I am!" Midnight cried, continuing his feast. "There. I got all of it out. You'll have to wait for that cut to heal. Happy now?"

"Thank you." Jet got up and leaned against the wall; looking up at the dark sky. "Hey, it stopped raining."

"Mmmm," moaned the snake, dining of Jet's leftover blood like it was champaign. "I love AB positive."

Jet sighed. She grabbed her roaring stomach. "You're making me hungry. I'm gonna go to the marketplace for a bite to eat. You comin' or are you going to finish off that?"

Midnight was still polishing off the puddle with gusto.

"Fine. I'll go by myself. Meet you at the corner of 7th and Electron as usual." she zipped up her jacket and slipped her hood on. Jet dashed out of the alley and onto the rooftops in a heartbeat.

"Suit yourself," he called out to her, "you're really missing out here!"

Pretty soon the girl was on top of the glass rooftops of the gigantic supermarket. She glanced at the clock that hung on the wall across from her. "Excellent," Jet said to herself. "The store should close in"

The lights shut off immediately, as if Jet commanded them to turn off. One of the workers left the store and causally strolled out of the front door; whistling as he walked.

Jet smiled evilly. She turned around and saw a puddle of unwashed ink below her. The girl bended the liquid to her whim; surrounding her hands as if to make a glove. Then she pushed her hands on the glass; melting the substance beneath her like acid; or termites eating wood. Jet fell down to the polished granite floor; eager to find tonight's dinner.

It took a while, but now Jet's arm was full of items of nourishment that could last her for a week. "Piece of cake," she chuckled as she made for the exit.

...Something caught her eye. There, in the glimmering light that shone down from the heavens, was...

Red Velvet cake. Jet's favorite. It wasn't everyday a runaway girl would find something this delectable in her path; just waiting to be eaten.

Jet's stomach grumbled in annoyance. "Alright, alright," she gave in, "might as well get dessert too."

The girl grabbed the cake and placed all of the other items in her hidden satchel. She took off; leaving the way she came. She jumped and bounced atop rooftops until she found the corner of 7th and Electron Street. There, Jet found her pet Midnight sitting on the twisted building of Krazy K's Radio Station.

Jet knew K as long as she could remember; might as well have been born in the same room together. K knew her secret, and planed to keep it that way. He often hides her in the radio station to keep her away from the police chasing her 24/7 along with his son D.J., who Jet is still getting used to.

"What took you so long?" Midnight asked, looking displeased. "I thought you were going to get only a few things; not rob the entire place. You may be running away from the law, but that doesn't have to turn you into a criminal."

"Oh please," Jet rolled her eyes and sat down, "all I did was run away from home. That's it! And I'm pretty sure that's not a crime. Besides, I only got a few things just to last me a week. I can't be running from the cops when all I'm thriving off of is blood...Like certain reptiles I know..."

"Hey, I didn't want to become addicted to the stuff!" the rattlesnake hissed. "Is this the thanks I get? Believe it or not; I'm looking out for you, Jet." he sighed. "Its been over three years since you left. Maybe its time you apologized to your father, hm?"

"Me? Apologize?" the girl snorted; taking an apple out of her sack. "He's the one who should apologize. You saw him! He's always treated me like a piece of trash. The only one he really loved was Mum; if he ever really did before she left. And by the way," Jet turned her head to Midnight, "its step-father. He was never my father by blood and he never will be." she took a bite of the apple and turned her head to the right.

After a tense silence, Midnight looked over to see Jet tossing the apple core on to someone's head down below. Jet chuckled as the person looked up hopelessly confused. "Jet," Midnight started, "do you ever wonder who your biological father is?"

The girl's smile faded. "All the time. I can't remember a time when..."

As the girl babbled on, City Hall was illuminated with such fury that the drivers in the hovercrafts below were blinded and crashed into the street poles. Jet stopped and squinted towards the middle; non other than her father was standing proudly in the center of attention. If only he wouldn't spend so much money on those spotlights, then the town couldn't be as broke, she thought, then thought back to her constant robberies.

Suddenly, a flash of mis-matched patterns, in the shape of a teenage boy, came bursting though the door and on to the ledge; sweating gallons.

"The hell is it, D.J?" Jet asked angrily as she tried to regain focus.

D.J. dropped the TV in his hands and searched for air. "I-"

"Rhetorical question, man." she rolled her eyes. "Like no one in at least twenty miles can't see the big-ass lit up stage. Daddy's hosting another public endorsement."

The TV flickered and tuned into MTV; a girl was standing on a curb as a car stopped in front of her. She tried to pick which seat to take, but instead, D.J.'s finger stopped that from happening. "I hate this channel," he grumbled.

"Wasn't that video deleted off the face of the Earth years ago?" Midnight asked himself as he rested his tail under his head. "Those poor, poor people."

D.J. scrolled his finger across the touch-screen device and tapped into the local news. Mayor Ink was holding a microphone and was talking on and on just as Jet said.

"Told ya." Jet sassed. "I wonder what the giant buffoon has to say this time."

The volume was raised higher, courtesy of D.J. "Now, now, I know that we're a bit low on funds, but I assure you, I'm working extremely hard to help our fair city survive," the Mayor spoke with a humble tone.

"Its that reckless daughter of yours!" someone in the crowd hollered. The camera focused in at the tired man. "Because of her, we're left with little to no food, limited supply of power, and no money!"

The rest of masses screamed on as security tried to calm them down.

"I know, I know, and that's what I summoned you all here for." He looked intensely deep into the lenses of the camera; and as if he was talking to the thing himself, he said, "Jet, I know you're listening. And I've been waiting to say this for three long years: I'm sorry."

"Not buying it." Jet mumbled and looked the other direction; crossing her arms.

Midnight directed her head back to the glowing screen.

"I'm sorry if I ever neglected you. I'm sorry if I was never a real father. I'm sorry about your mother." he stopped and blinked away the tears in his eyes and cleared his throat. "Please, just come home. I'll prove it to you that I can be the best father in the world. Gentlemen, if you please," he gestured his hand towards the workers behind him who pulled the white sheet down. The revealed object was in the shape of a portal; glowing electric blue. "This," Mayor Ink explained, "is a machine which allows anyone to go back in time as long as its within their life span. I'll go back and change time so that I can spend time with you, dear, and rebuild our family."

Jet tuned out everything her father was saying and stared at the magnificent work of machinery. "A time...portal?"

"How'd they even get the money to build that?" D.J. questioned as the workers turned the machine on.

Jet got out the book hidden in her jacket: Color: The Lost Years. She gently stroked the cover and looked back at the TV. She stood up and turned around; lost in the stage lights, and more importantly, her father's cold and lifeless eyes. She looked back down on the street.

A police officer was cruising down the ink-polluted street, eager to see the mayor's big revealing. Jet took this as the opportunity to pounce and jumped down on the man; hitting his pressure points, leaving him on the ground quite angry. "Looks like someone got kicked off the wrong side of the motorcycle," she smirked.

"What do you think you're doing!?" Midnight practically scolded from above. "Do I need to remind you that we are in enough trouble as it is?"

"You mean I'm in enough trouble as it is," Jet corrected as she got on the vehicle. "Now, are you coming or do I have to go cuss out my father by myself?"

D.J. silently agreed by going down the ladder bolted to the brick wall of the building. He grabbed her waist and got on, followed by a short blush from both of them. "Okay, but what exactly are you going to do?"

"Set things right. Midnight, are you coming?"

The snake responded by a quick shake of his tail and the turning of his back. "Jet, I know what you're trying to do. And you can go ahead without me. I'm not gonna watch you go down."

"Go down?" Jet frowned. "I'm going to fix everything, and you're telling me you don't want to see that happen?"

"I'M PROTECTING YOU, JET!" Midnight hissed violently. "Can't you see that!? YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!!"

"...I...see how it is." The girl started the motorcycle and put her feet off of the ground. "I'll see you in another life, then." she and D.J. sped off, leaving Midnight in the dust, crying.

D.J. looked back at the the police gaining on them. The flashing blue and red lights were nauseating. "Are you sure you know how to drive this thing?" he asked.

Jet was trying to dry her cheeks. "Huh? Oh...not really, I only used it a couple of times to get away from the cops. Why?"

"Well...speaking of the law..."

"Jet Ink!" one of the men yelled. "Pull over now or we will use force!"

"...we have company."
EDIT 2: Want to see what the story could've been like if it was continued? Check out the "next" chapter here:…


...Woah, what is this? ...a...fanfic?! :wow:

Remember this character? I made her over a year ago, and I promised I'll make a story for her to be in...this is it. I wrote most of it last year and decided to finish it up.

(c) Nicktoon-Grl
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